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Sustainability and environmental symbiosis are important topics for Manulife. We take "green textiles and environmentally friendly" as our main goal in R&D and manufacturing | HONG LI specializes in neoprene fit fabrics, Velcro straps for protective gear and sports functional fabrics.

Sustainability and environmental symbiosis are important topics for Manulife. We take "green textiles and environmentally friendly" as our main goal in R&D and manufacturing

Company Profile

Knit from the heart,Quality First ; Technological Thinking,R&D

Established in 1994, Hong Li Textile Co., Ltd. Is one of professional knitting factory in Taiwan, founded with the mission of developing the best jersey fabric for neoprene lamination; hook and loop for protective gear; high stretch functional fabric for performance sportswear.

The company's business philosophy is "integrity, innovation, honor, responsibility and pragmatism". In terms of the fabric production, the company cooperates with several first-class professional foundries to provide stable, high-quality and customized services. Respect for customers, quick response and rapid R&D are the biggest advantages of Hong Li. Not only the factory has passed the ISO 9001 certification, but the products have also meet the certification of OekoTex Standard 100 and GRS.

We are proud of Hong Li's excellent R&D department, which can develop products that meet customer needs in a short period of time. Our main products are widely used in garments including outdoor sports and off-road, Neoprene sponge fitting, industrial protection and other fields.

In order to expand the mainland market and provide a better service, Hong Li set up a factory in Dongguan, mainland China to offer high quality and competitive prices to meet our customers' demands.

We will continue to improve R&D and technology to meet the challenges of the market and the expectations of our customers. We look forward to working with you and provide the excellent products and services.



SLOGAN ->「knit from the heart」

To develop products that meet customer needs with professional technology in a short period of time and win customers' long-term trust, so we have created our vision "knit from the heart".

Hong Li's concept of sustainable management including three cores, the concept of the environment friendly, R&D and innovation; technological thinking to create value for customers; while cherishing the earth's resources. This will be the direction that we will pursue in the future.

Environment Friendly

We are thinking about how to use innovative technology to develop towards a friendly environment and low pollution. Hong Li will take actions to make green textiles not just a slogan.

R&D Innovation

Our business philosophy is "No develop, No future.", continues to develop and innovate, seeks breakthroughs in new materials and weaving technologies, and creates durable, comfortable and environmentally friendly products.

Technological Thinking

We are committed to continuously developing new products and making product differentiation. Hong Li constantly pursues progress and develops products that meet the competitiveness. We believe that through innovative technological thinking and technology, we can provide customers with better products.


The OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certification is one of the global textile industry standards. It is jointly developed by the Austrian Textile Research Center and 14 renowned textile testing institutes from various countries, along with the International Association for Research and Testing in the Field of Textile and Leather Ecology. The certification ensures that textile products, including fabrics and clothing, do not contain harmful substances that could have a negative impact on human health.

ISO 9001

Implementing the ISO 9001 standard allows enterprises and organizations to standardize their quality management processes. This helps clarify responsibilities across different departments, eliminate the blame game, and enhance work efficiency. By adhering to ISO 9001, businesses can reduce the burden on top-level management in handling mundane tasks, allowing them to focus on leadership, governance, and strategizing for more critical aspects of the company's operations.

GRS 2023

GRS 2023 focuses on sustainability and environmental considerations. This certification standard helps promote the development of green and circular economy in the textile industry and ensures that the manufacturing process of products meets the requirements of environmental protection and social responsibility. To obtain the GRS verification label, the raw materials of its products must contain at least 50% recycled content before they can be used.

Eco Abrasion Resistance Hot

Eco Abrasion Resistance

Made of recycled nylon. Through the processing of major, it still retains the original softness and comfort.

Eco Plush Ok Fabric Hot

Eco Plush Ok Fabric

Made of recycle fibe, the fabric is soft, breathable and comfortable, it has good durability and wrinkle resistance.

Eco Diamond Hot

Eco Diamond

The eco-small diamond has the appearance of thickness and better wear resistance. It can be made into wear-resistant diving cloth.