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Stretch fabrics made by nylon or polyester + spandex, suitable for various activities | HONG LI specializes in neoprene fit fabrics, Velcro straps for protective gear and sports functional fabrics.

Stretch fabrics made by nylon or polyester + spandex, suitable for various activities

High Stretch Knit Fabric

High-stretch fabrics are made from a combination of nylon or polyester fibers and spandex, it can stretch to 1.5 times or more and quickly return to their original shape, providing a comfortable and close-fitting feel. High Stretch fabrics has good breathability, allow sweat to escape and keep the body cool and comfortable.

With quick drying function ensuring the moisture is rapidly dissipated and the fabric dries quickly. Also, nylon and polyester, are known for their durability and resistance to wear and tear. It ensures the fabric can maintain their performance over time.

Applications of High-Stretch Fabrics:
  • Running Apparel: High-stretch fabrics are widely used in running apparel to provide enhanced comfort, breathability, and freedom of movement.
  • Yoga Apparel: The flexibility and unrestricted range of motion offered by high-stretch fabrics make them ideal for yoga wear.
  • Activewear: High-stretch fabrics are a staple in activewear, including gym clothes, dancewear, and fitness apparel.

Compression fabrics : Compression fabrics stand out as a unique category of highly elastic materials, incorporating a substantial percentage of spandex fibers, often exceeding 25%.

Power-strength elasticity, which provides exceptional muscle support during exercise. This support helps to enhance muscle performance by reducing fatigue and minimizing muscle soreness post-workout. This enhanced blood circulation facilitates efficient oxygen delivery to muscles, thereby delaying lactic acid buildup and accelerating recovery times.

Applications of High-Compression Fabrics
  • Triathlon Suits: For triathletes engaged in the grueling combination of swimming, cycling, and running, power-compression suits provide optimal support and compression throughout the entire race.
  • Cycling Apparel: Cyclists, who often endure long hours in the saddle, benefit from the muscle support and reduced muscle soreness offered by high-compression cycling apparel.

High Stretch Knit Fabric

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Hexagon Jacquard Elastic Fabric - The elastic content is up to 28%, with four-way stretch and excellent recovery.
Hexagon Jacquard Elastic Fabric

Stretch jacquard, also known as jacquard Lycra, combines comfort and style. This unique material...

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Recycle Compression Fabric - High elastic jersey is a special fabric designed for professional sports
Recycle Compression Fabric

Sustainable Compression Fabric The sustainable compression fabric is designed for professional...

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Recycled Polyamide Double Jersey - The proportion of elastic fibers is 24%, with four-way stretch and excellent recovery.
Recycled Polyamide Double Jersey

Eco-friendly nylon double-knit fabric has exceptional stretch and recovery, along with superior...

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Elastic Spacer Fabric - The elastic space fabric has the effect of air permeability and heat resistance and four-way stretch.
Elastic Spacer Fabric

Spacer fabric use the upper, middle and lower layers to interweave. The middle layer is woven...

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High Stretch Double Knit Jersey - Use double knitting technology, the proportion of elastic fiber is as high as 27%
High Stretch Double Knit Jersey

High-stretch double-sided knitted fabric is made from a blend of NYLON fibers and polyurethane...

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Polyester Spandex Knit Fabric - The proportion of elastic fibers is 34%, with four-way stretch and excellent recovery.
Polyester Spandex Knit Fabric

Polyester spandex knit fabric is a popular choice for a wide range of applications due to its unique...

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High Stretch Knit Fabric | Eco Compression: Sustainable Performance Textiles | HONG LI

Located in Taiwan since 1994, Hong Li Textile Co., Ltd. stands out as a pioneering manufacturer in the textile industry, specializing in knitted and functional fabrics. Their product range includes High Stretch Knit Fabric, advanced textiles for water sports, triathlon sports, and other applications, emphasizing eco-friendly and innovative solutions. Key offerings include Graphene Jacquard for thermal regulation, Eco Compression fabrics with excellent stretch and recovery, and lightweight yet sturdy Spacer fabrics. Their PP double layer honeycomb knits are characterized by insulation and thickness.

Established in 1994, Hong Li Textile Co., Ltd. Is one of professional knitting factory in Taiwan, founded with the mission of developing the best jersey fabric for neoprene lamination; hook and loop for protective gear; high stretch functional fabric for performance sportswear. Over 25 years in developing best jersey for neoprene lamination; the hook and loop for protective gear; high stretch functional fabric for performance sportswear.

HONG LI, HONGLI has been offering customers advanced textile materials, both with advanced technology and 25 years experience, HONG LI, HONGLI ensures each customer's demands are met.