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Thermal Fabric | HONG LI specializes in neoprene fit fabrics, Velcro straps for protective gear and sports functional fabrics.

Thermal Fabric

Thermal Fabric

Thermal fabric is type of material designed to provide insulation and heat retention properties.
It's primary is to regulate body temperature by trapping heat close to the body.

HONG LI chose polypropylene for our thermal fabric because polypropylene is an extremely versatile and high-performance fabric. It is known for its suitability for the production of sports and technical clothing as well as thermal underwear. It is hypoallergenic, non-absorbent, waterproof, stain-resistant and does not absorb liquids. It can maintain body temperature and is defined as a "warm fiber".

Polypropylene comes from plastic and is easily recycled. All polypropylene is Oeko tex certified, which guarantees its sustainability in addition to being free of chemicals that can irritate your skin.

For all these reasons, polypropylene is considered a suitable thermal fabric for all types of outdoor activities.

Thermal Fabric

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Polypropylene Brushed Thermal Textile - One side fleece has the insulating properties of lightweight and quick drying
Polypropylene Brushed Thermal Textile

Single sided fleece thermal fabric, use 92% polypropylene PP fiber and 8% polyurethane elastic...

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Polypropylene Brushed Knits - Polypropylene brushed knits provide warmth and softness
Polypropylene Brushed Knits

PP single side brushed thermal textile Polypropylene brushed knits made of polypropylene fiber...

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Thermal Fabric | Eco Compression: Sustainable Performance Textiles | HONG LI

Located in Taiwan since 1994, Hong Li Textile Co., Ltd. stands out as a pioneering manufacturer in the textile industry, specializing in knitted and functional fabrics. Their product range includes Thermal Fabric, advanced textiles for water sports, triathlon sports, and other applications, emphasizing eco-friendly and innovative solutions. Key offerings include Graphene Jacquard for thermal regulation, Eco Compression fabrics with excellent stretch and recovery, and lightweight yet sturdy Spacer fabrics. Their PP double layer honeycomb knits are characterized by insulation and thickness.

Established in 1994, Hong Li Textile Co., Ltd. Is one of professional knitting factory in Taiwan, founded with the mission of developing the best jersey fabric for neoprene lamination; hook and loop for protective gear; high stretch functional fabric for performance sportswear. Over 25 years in developing best jersey for neoprene lamination; the hook and loop for protective gear; high stretch functional fabric for performance sportswear.

HONG LI, HONGLI has been offering customers advanced textile materials, both with advanced technology and 25 years experience, HONG LI, HONGLI ensures each customer's demands are met.