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Protective Gear Fabric | HONG LI specializes in neoprene fit fabrics, Velcro straps for protective gear and sports functional fabrics.

Protective Gear Fabric

Protective Gear Fabric

Brush Fabric for hook and loop

Brushed Fabric for Hook and Loop is a special elastic fleece fabric, also known as "Elastic Velcro". It is made by nylon and elastic yarn and has 4-way stretch. The high-density bristles on the surface provide hook-and-loop fastening performance to the ring surface of Velcro. It can be used with the hook surface (mat side) of Velcro or plastic injection hooks. Its elasticity is what different from ordinary brush cloth. It needs to be laminated with Neoprene before use.

It is mainly used for medical protective gear, sports protective gear, wetsuit accessories and other products.

Protective Gear Fabric

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Nylon ShinyToweling - Nylon Shiny Toweling is a shiny suede fabric
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Nylon Terry Cloth - Nylon terry cloth is a kind of fabric with loops on the surface.
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Jacquard Brushed Fabric - Jacquard brushed fabric is a best choice for hook and loop applications
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Elastic Jacquard Mesh - Elastic jacquard mesh pattern has special texture
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Elastic Brushed Fabric - Elastic brushed fabric also called imitation OK cloth, with velcro properties
Elastic Brushed Fabric

Elastic Brushed fabric is an elastic fabric specially designed to protect the body. It combines...

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Protective Gear Fabric | Eco Compression: Sustainable Performance Textiles | HONG LI

Located in Taiwan since 1994, Hong Li Textile Co., Ltd. stands out as a pioneering manufacturer in the textile industry, specializing in knitted and functional fabrics. Their product range includes Protective Gear Fabric, advanced textiles for water sports, triathlon sports, and other applications, emphasizing eco-friendly and innovative solutions. Key offerings include Graphene Jacquard for thermal regulation, Eco Compression fabrics with excellent stretch and recovery, and lightweight yet sturdy Spacer fabrics. Their PP double layer honeycomb knits are characterized by insulation and thickness.

Established in 1994, Hong Li Textile Co., Ltd. Is one of professional knitting factory in Taiwan, founded with the mission of developing the best jersey fabric for neoprene lamination; hook and loop for protective gear; high stretch functional fabric for performance sportswear. Over 25 years in developing best jersey for neoprene lamination; the hook and loop for protective gear; high stretch functional fabric for performance sportswear.

HONG LI, HONGLI has been offering customers advanced textile materials, both with advanced technology and 25 years experience, HONG LI, HONGLI ensures each customer's demands are met.