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Hong Li Textile Co., Ltd. Was established in 1994 as a leading knitting mill. All products meet the demand of global market. There is one branch factory in DongDuang of China for providing more service locally. Our products is keen for development of Functional fabrics. The application is widely for Apparel, Sportswear, Lamination backing of foaming materials (ex: Neoprene rubber sheet) and Micro fiber Wiper .

Waterproof and Breathable Fabric, TPU Fabric

Our company is a reputed waterproof and breathable fabric manufacturer in textile & fibers. We have a well-maintained quality management comprising a team of experienced professionals that keeps an eye on every TPU fabric to ensure durability. You'll benefit from our resources, our experience and our personalized customer service. So should you have any questions or need our any products of Hong Li Textile Co., Ltd., please don't hesitate to contact us. We are very welcome any further inquiries and comments from you.
Waterproof and Breathable Fabric, TPU fabric

Waterproof (apparel) fabric HL-1359(TPU)

Waterproof and Breathable Fabric, TPU fabric

PRODUCT NAME: Waterproof (apparel) fabric
Item code: HL-1359(TPU)
Width: 56 inches
Weight: 65 g/y
Weight: 50 GSM
Tolerance of width: 2”
Tolerance of weight: 20g/y
Composition: Nylon 100%, TPU

TPU fabric
Waterproof and Breathable
Application :

All kind of Protection products
Outdoor Jacket
Various light weight Jacket for Biker or outdoor wear

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For more than 27 years, we have been specializing in providing waterproof and breathable fabric, TPU fabric. Hong Li Textile Co., Ltd.’s products represent a high standard of excellence with a well-known reputation set by its strict quality control. Our business is based on integrity and character and will be built through relationships and extraordinary customer service. We are dedicated to developing co-workers who are committed to one another and to our customers. If you require more information on a waterproof and breathable fabric, please don't hesitate to contact us.