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Hong Li Textile Co., Ltd. Was established in 1994 as a leading knitting mill. All products meet the demand of global market. There is one branch factory in DongDuang of China for providing more service locally. Our products is keen for development of Functional fabrics. The application is widely for Apparel, Sportswear, Lamination backing of foaming materials (ex: Neoprene rubber sheet) and Micro fiber Wiper .

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Hong Li Textile Co., Ltd. is your leading industry resource for manufacturers and product information on the cooling fabric. Our sales professionals have many years of prior experience in their respective fields. With many years of experience, we have the core technical knowledge for cooling fabric to satisfy our customers' demands. Hong Li Textile Co., Ltd. works closely with customers to build cooling fabric in accordance with customer specifications. If you'd like to ask us a question or tell us something about your experience, you can get in touch by email, phone or post.
Cooling fabric, knitting fabric

Double knit (apparel_cooling) fabric HL-373

Cooling fabric, knitting fabric

PRODUCT NAME: Double knit (apparel_cooling) fabric
Item code: HL-373
Width: 60 inches
Weight: 215 g/y
Weight: 154 GSM
Tolerance of width: 2”
Tolerance of weight: 20g/y
Composition: Nylon (Cooling jade) 46%, Polyester 54%

Bird-eye fabric
Light weight
Application :

Various sportswear – Golf wear, Bike wear, T-shirt…etc.
All kind of Protection products
Lamination backing
With quick-dry function, Cooling Fabric is suitable for garment use.

Specification :

Cooling Fabric – Bird eyes Series
Item code Composition Width (inch) Weight (G/Y) Weigth (GSM)
960101-B Nylon (cooling) 100% 60 +/- 2" 160 +/- 10 G/Y 115 GSM
970403-B Nylon (cooling) 46%, Polyester 53% 60 +/- 2" 180 +/- 10 G/Y 129 GSM
970601-B Nylon (cooling jade) 48%, Polyester 52% 60 +/- 2" 180 +/- 10 G/Y 129 GSM
970604-B Nylon (cooling jade) 48%, Polyester 52% 60 +/- 2" 180 +/- 10 G/Y 129 GSM
980724-B Nylon (cooling jade) 46%, Polyester (wicking) 54% 59 +/- 2" 190 +/- 10 G/Y 139 GSM
980921-B Nylon (cooling jade) 47%, Polyester 53% 61 +/- 2" 210 +/- 10 G/Y 148 GSM
1001025-B Nylon (cooling jade) 53%, Polyester 47% 60 +/- 2" 210 +/- 10 G/Y 151 GSM
HL-365-3 Nylon (cooling jade) 47%, Polyester 53% 60 +/- 2" 180 +/- 10 G/Y 129 GSM
HL-369 Nylon (cooling) 45%, Polyester 55% 58 +/- 2" 180 +/- 10 G/Y 134 GSM
HL-369-7 Nylon (cooling jade) 45%, Polyester 55% 60 +/- 2" 220 +/- 10 G/Y 158 GSM
HL-373 Nylon (cooling jade) 46%, Polyester 54% 60 +/- 2" 215 +/- 10 G/Y 154 GSM

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