Graphene Jacqard

Graphene Jacqard

Graphene can release far-infrared ray to accelerate blood circulation, with excellent thermal regulation.

Eco Compression

Eco Compression

The recycled polyamide double jersey made by Hong Li Textile has the excellent stretchand recovery, and abrasion resistance.



HL754-2 spacer is lightweight yet sturdy. Thanks to its outstanding performance, it has been ranked among the top ten in the ISPO 2024 Spring / Summer.

PP Double Layer Honeycomb Knits

PP Double Layer Honeycomb Knits

In a double layer honeycomb knits, two layers of this fabric are knit together, creating a thicker, more insulated material.

Environmental Sustainability

"Green Textiles, Environmentally Friendly" is our primary goal in research and manufacturing.

R&D of Innovations

Research and development of innovations is the core of corporate growth, challenging conventions and seeking breakthroughs in new materials.

Technological Thinking

Through technological thinking, we commit to develop performance and deliver excellent products to our customers.

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Eco Abrasion Resistance Hot

Eco Abrasion Resistance

Made of recycled nylon. Through the processing of major, it still retains the original softness and comfort.

Eco Plush Ok Fabric Hot

Eco Plush Ok Fabric

Made of recycle fibe, the fabric is soft, breathable and comfortable, it has good durability and wrinkle resistance.

Eco Diamond Hot

Eco Diamond

The eco-small diamond has the appearance of thickness and better wear resistance. It can be made into wear-resistant diving cloth.